HealthcareClinical process improvement and intelligent business process management yield dramatic results in healthcare

EVC’s Healthcare Consulting Services Team understands the challenges healthcare managers face…from the President of a 300-bed hospital to the patient care providers on the floor to the billing and collections personnel in Administration.

For more than 25 years, the EVC Team has been putting innovative ideas into action for the Federal Government, including the intelligence community, providing advanced technology solutions through a broad range of capabilities.

Now, the EVC Team is applying its expertise in Healthcare Strategy, Process Improvement, and Healthcare Technology Adoption to help solve your organization’s toughest challenges. Our Managing Director is a former hospital CEO with more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry. The entire team is made up of senior level healthcare professionals that provide key insights and direction in helping your team be successful in implementing necessary changes.

Healthcare Strategy

What sets EVC apart is that—through strategic partnerships—we couple broad database and knowledge management experience with expertise in healthcare. Clients benefit; the marriage works. You expect independent technology assessments and capable IT planning. EVC takes it to the next level, expertly bringing together disparate sources of information, presenting it in a customized manner, and delivering patient-focused solutions that work.

Process Improvement

Applying Advanced Analytical Methods to Reduce Cost and Improve Throughput
For healthcare providers, it’s all about the patient, and EVC understands your need to focus on the patient and their total experience and satisfaction. Our performance improvement efforts help you avoid bottlenecks and eliminate delays, waste and redundancies so that you can dramatically improve throughput and profitability. We emphasize senior leadership engagement, clear role delineation, and a quantifiable approach that prioritizes opportunities and clearly measures progress and milestones. Count on EVC to deliver reliable, patient-focused performance improvement plans customized to meet your organization’s individual needs.

Technology Adoption

Providing Tailored Solutions to Keep Patient Information Flowing in a Secure Environment
The healthcare industry has a unique set of information security challenges. The need to ensure fast access to patient information across the continuum of care, while complying with rapidly changing security requirements and maintaining total confidentiality of patient information, is becoming more and more challenging. The EVC team has worked with the Federal Government, intelligence community and other clients that have high-level intelligence security needs. We’ll bring the same problem resolution capabilities to your organization.

PNMsoft SequenceTM for Healthcare

PNMsoft Sequence KineticsTM is an Intelligent BPM Suite, built on a Microsoft framework, that includes an intuitive visual App Studio with healthcare process applications in the following areas:

  • Patient Care: Provide higher quality care
  • Customer Service: Handle service requests efficiently
  • Finance: Standardize and optimize finance processes
  • Human Resources: Automate timesheets, vacation requests, and policies
  • Quality Assurance: Monitor maintenance, corrective actions, and more
  • Supply Chain: Control purchasing more efficiently.