EVC's open source analysts can reach the hidden information on the web to support your analytical needs.

Information Research Services

Our open source analysts can reach the hidden information on the web to support your analytical needs

Enterprise Venture Corporation’s (EVC’s) Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) staff includes a blend of librarians, intelligence analysts, and information specialists to develop the appropriate strategy to collect data to meet client requirements. Our analysts understand that OSINT is more than doing an Internet search utilizing your favorite search engine—our focus is on locating quality material that meets the needs of the end-user. This may include filling in the gaps in an all-source product, identifying businesses for competitive intelligence, conducting a market assessment, or conducting literature surveys. Information is not useful unless it is vetted, sources properly cited, and organized. Our analysts can organize OSINT into reports or databases to meet the needs of the intelligence community or industry.

To make informed decisions, decision makers need access to actionable information. EVC’s Open Source Intelligence Team can assist our clients with going beyond the traditional search engines into the hidden resources available through the Internet or traditional hard copy resources.

EVC can fill in the gaps in an all-source product, identify businesses for competitive intelligence, conduct a market assessment, or conduct literature surveys.

All Source Analysis

Our All Source Analysts have extensive experience supporting the Intelligence Community (IC) working on a variety of fields to support analysts and decision makers. Incorporating our open source research techniques, we work with our clients to provide a comprehensive assessment of the project. Our analysts have received outstanding evaluations for their approaches to understanding and evaluating issues. We work with subject matter experts in many fields to provide a comprehensive assessment of the topic and prepare reports that meet the needs of leaders in the IC.

Competitive Intelligence

EVC provides support to companies and government agencies attempting to navigate in today’s environment. This may include a better understanding of the market, participants, competitors, or technology directions. The first step in any project is making sure that we understand the question, for example “background on fasteners” is very different than “issues with counterfeit fasteners.” Next we make sure we understand the expectations for end results, whether this is a report suitable to be integrated with other data, or a database suitable for in-depth mining. We maintain continuous contact with the client throughout the project to provide updates on any unusual findings and identify any potential changes needed early in the project.

Technology Identification

EVC provides technology identification capabilities to include identifying commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS), government off-the-shelf (GOTS), and emerging technologies to meet the needs of clients. Using a wide variety of trade and technical literature, our analysts work with the client to identify technologies that may meet their specific needs, provide information relating to Technology Readiness Level (TRL), identify sources for acquiring the technology, and estimate costs if COTS/GOTS. EVC can conduct a technology survey to assist with developing technology roadmaps including technology gaps, emerging technologies, and state of the art of technology by region. This may include developing relationship maps of key participants in specific technology development to identify potential partners for future development efforts.