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IT/Software Products

Providing innovative software products to support your organization’s unique information technology needs

Secure your high risk data, mitigate cyber threats, and efficiently manage your business processes  with EVC’s exceptional IT/software products.

AGIS logoAdvanced Guard for Information Security
The Advanced Guard for Information Security (AGIS) is a secure, bi-directional file transfer system that inspects and cleans high-risk, common-use files by removing malicious, hidden, and inappropriate content while preserving the file’s original format. In addition to its sophisticated cleaning and filtering capabilities, AGIS also serves as a cyber-guard to facilitate the exchange of files across networks and domains. The system can scrutinize nearly 30 different file types including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Portable Document Format (PDF), imagery file formats, zipped or compressed files, and more. Additionally, AGIS can identify and provide antivirus scanning for approximately 800 unique file formats.
PNMSoft logoPNMsoft Sequence
Whether you are looking to define, optimize, or automate your business processes, EVC’s change management and process engineering experts are dedicated to ensuring that you maximize efficiency throughout your organization.  We use a Business Process Management (BPM) approach to accomplish this, and have partnered with PNMsoft, a global Intelligent BPM Suite (iBPMS) leader, to provide an automation tool that complements our process engineering services. Our comprehensive, end-to-end solution blends process engineering with technology to deliver a robust solution that helps you build efficiency through process transformation.