EVC's Professional Services for Small Businesses have the resources to help effectively present capabilities to the government and win federal contracts.

Helping Small Businesses Grow

Enterprise Ventures Corporation’s Professional Services supports small businesses in their bid to win and execute government contracts

As a small business, you are experts in your core capabilities. As a mid-size business, Enterprise Ventures Corporation (EVC) professional services for small businesses has the resources and expertise to help you effectively present your capabilities to the government and win federal contracts. EVC has a broad spectrum of subject matter experts and robust recruiting to help staff professional services contracts. We also have some of the best connected business development assets available with massive networks of contacts to help with your capture activities.

Don't Go It Alone

Many experts agree small businesses improve their chances of winning proposals with the right teammates. EVC’s Professional Services has extensive personal and corporate experience with teaming arrangements to improve your competitive position, understand and address client needs in proposals, and provide winning past performance. Recognizing this need in emerging and growing companies, we’ve helped small businesses add over $26M in Federal contracts. Throughout the partnership, EVC professionals support your business capture and proposal management efforts. Our team includes:

  • Proposal Managers
  • Staffing Experts
  • Expert Recruiters
  • Graphic Artists
  • Authors
  • Reviewers
EVC Professional Services for Small Businesses experts

EVC’s technical, business, and project management experts support and advise small businesses, giving them access to a rich network of knowledge and experience to augment their resources. We bring you experience navigating federal contracting, security, and compliance requirements to make the most of your capabilities. You can trust our experts, which include:

  • Certified Project Management Professionals
  • Military veterans (all branches and including robust Special Operations and Special Missions
  • experience)
  • A network of subject matter experts in military and security operations, technology, intelligence,
  • safety, and education and training support
  • Special capabilities – Security/Facility Clearance, Explosive Handling License, etc.
Partner with a Winner

We know how to navigate the federal marketplace to find contracts and take advantage of small business resources and market your unique qualifications to the government. EVC also offers deep client knowledge and significant past performance in:

  • Safety and Occupational Health
  • Special Operations
  • Security
  • Operations Support
  • Energetics Operations
  • Logistics Policy and Analysis
  • Education and Training
  • Intelligence
EVC Professional Services for Small Businesses-partner with a winner

Our goal is to build a complete team and help you win business, sharing the risk, investment, and reward, while we work with you along the way.