EVC helps guide and support compliance in occupational safety and health efforts to meet legal obligations and keep employees free from injury and illness. Contact us for information.

Occupational Safety and Health Compliance Assistance

Guiding and supporting compliance in all safety and health efforts to meet legal obligations and keep employees free from injury and illness

Enterprise Ventures Corporation (EVC) helps you comply with organizational policies and applicable regulations to reduce the risks and costs associated with safety and health-related compliance issues. EVC evaluates worksites, identifies hazards, and provides recommendations to prevent or control the hazards which may lead to significant injuries, illnesses, and material losses.

Unique Qualifications

The EVC team has the experience and expertise to address a wide range of safety and health compliance issues at worksites. Our SMEs worked with several private companies, conducting process safety management (PSM) system evaluations and writing PSM programs, addressing OSHA citations and implementing long-term technical solutions, delivering hazardous waste operations and emergency response training, and providing confined space entry training. Our experts have conducted over 400 safety management system evaluations through the Department of Defense Safety Management Center of Excellence contract and performed over 8,000 industrial hygiene assessments for the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, and U.S. Air Force. Safety and health compliance is the foundation of any evaluation or assessment and continues to be an ongoing focus at EVC.

Occupational Safety and Health Compliance Assistance Capabilities
Core Capabilities
  • Our subject matter experts (SMEs) have the ability to create written safety and health programs, policies, and procedures necessary to comply with safety and health regulations. We understand the unique characteristics and needs of our customers and the importance of collaboration to deliver customized documents.
  • EVC offers the entire package for safety and health training. From training needs assessments and training development to classroom education and on-the-job training, EVC will provide customers with the skills, techniques, and confidence needed to raise safety and health awareness and protect employees.
  • Our professionals have years of experience managing regulatory inspections and assisting customers with regulatory compliance efforts. EVC can help clients evaluate existing safety programs and processes to identify improvements and recommendations prior to an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) on-site visit. Our subject matter experts will also evaluate issued citations for merit, participate in informal conferences to abate citations, and work to reduce the severity of citations.
  • EVC provides comprehensive OSHA recordkeeping assistance to report and record work-related injuries and illnesses according to regulatory statutes. EVC works with our clients to develop and deliver recordkeeping training, review injury and illness logs, calculate injury and illness rates, create injury and illness prevention programs and return-to-work programs, and manage the accident investigation process.