Providing expert Security, Protection and Nonlethal (SP&NL) program solutions to the Government and law enforcement community.

Security, Protection & Nonlethal Programs

Delivering Solutions to Complex Military and National Security Problems

EVC’s Security, Protection & Nonlethal (SP&NL) Program Team consists of a diverse group of experts. Our team includes former military and civilian law enforcement officers, leaders, and professionals. We expertly translate unique SP&NL requirements to the team’s technologists and scientists. Our security and nonlethal experts can rapidly obtain, modify and/or create, and integrate technologies into effective SP&NL solutions. EVC is a trusted partner in the Department of Defense (DoD) law enforcement community. We work side-by-side with SP&NL personnel daily to deliver rapid and innovative solutions to increasingly complex military and national security problems.

Services and Capabilities
Security & Protection (S&P) Support​
  • S&P Advanced Technology Demonstrations
  • Biometrics/Forensics Integration
  • Civil Military Operations
  • Crisis Incident Management
  • Interview/Interrogation Advanced Training
  • Peer Support Training
  • Police Intelligence Operations and Data Integration
  • POST Certified Instruction
  • Police Innovation Management – Technology Transition/Tech Management
  • Secure Wireless Mesh Networks/Systems Architecture
  • SP&NL Subject Matter Expert Recruiting/Staffing
  • Transnational Criminal and Law Enforcement Activities
  • US Army Force Operating Capability – Protection: Joint Capabilities Integration Development System Analysis and Documentation
Nonlethal (NL) Support
  • NL Advanced Technology Demonstrations
  • Applied Research
  • Counter Personnel Systems
  • Counter Material Systems
  • Design, Fabrication, and Integration of NL prototypes
  • Enhancement Devices
  • Human Effects Studies
  • NL Capability Set – Mobile Training Team Support, Refresher Training
  • Range Studies
  • Systems Integration
  • NL Systems Use and Utility Studies
  • Training Products Development: Lesson Plans, Mobile Training Packets, Train the Trainer, Training Circulars, etc.
  • Policy and Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership and Education, Personnel and Facilities Development
  • Protective Equipment
Military Working Dog (MWD) Support
  • Instructor Support for Single Purpose and Multi-Purpose Canines:
    • Specialized Search
    • Narcotics Detector
    • Mine Detection
    • Combat Tracker
    • Patrol Explosive Detector
    • Patrol Explosive Detector- Enhanced