EVC's Special Missions team provides solutions to globally address environments characterized by irregular warfare and threats. Contact us today!

Special Missions

Delivering Client-Focused Solutions that Work

The EVC Special Missions Team provides solutions for the Special Operations Forces (SOF) community. Our solutions globally address environments characterized by irregular warfare and threats. EVC’s former SOF operators and strategists have decades of experience.  Our team expertly translates client requirements to our engineers, technologists, and scientists. We modify/integrate existing commercial-off-the-shelf or Government technologies into user-level SOF solutions. EVC also creates new, mission-unique technologies. Our subject matter experts provide program and project management. Support also includes developing and delivering instructor-led and distance training in a range of Special Missions areas.

What We Can Do For You

Working together with our parent company, Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC), our former SOF operators expertly translate SOF unique requirements to rapidly create or obtain, modify, and integrate commercial-off-the-shelf and government technologies into SOF solutions globally. EVC’s Special Operations Team offers a varied portfolio of capabilities that align with SOF’s broad spectrum of requirements.

Our multidisciplinary approach combines the best science and engineering principles with the operational experience to ensure that cutting-edge Energetics, Explosives, and EOD technologies are designed with robust capability to survive the most austere operational environment. Our technical staff has the capability to formulate, develop, and transition new and improved technologies to the warfighter and user community.

Our experts can rapidly obtain, modify and/or create, and integrate commercial / government off-the-shelf technologies into effective SP&NL solutions. EVC is a trusted partner in the Department of Defense (DoD) law enforcement community, working side-by-side with SP&NL personnel daily to deliver rapid and innovative solutions to increasingly complex military and national security problems.

Providing a broad range of tactical C5ISR capabilities supporting tactical and strategic networks globally, along with a variety of local, state, regional, and federal networks with unique broadband communication requirements. Our expertise provides direct support to  forward-deployed combat zones as well as supporting natural and manmade disaster responders. EVC is a highly efficient partner in times of greatest need.

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