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EVC survivability technologies

Survivability Technologies

Providing trusted, low-cost signature management solutions—from the initial coatings formulation to specialized applications and process integration

Enterprise Ventures Corporation (EVC) is fielding advanced topcoat (paint) materials specifically developed to incorporate enhanced signature management capabilities, while still providing the performance required of conventional Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings (CARC) currently used across DoD. Our solutions provide the capability of tunable, independent thermal and visual patterns, preserve CARC attributes of current coatings, and also retain durability, storage requirements, and application processes of current coatings.

We offer a wide-range of proven solutions, including:

  • Low-cost coatings products—available to both Government and OEM end-users
  • Customizable coatings formulation solutions
  • Prototyping/light manufacturing in our secure facility conveniently located in Huntsville, Alabama
  • Full-rate production services and capabilities
  • Warfighter camo, concealment, and deception technologies
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Innovative Survivability Technologies and Signature Management Solutions

Signature Management Coatings System Provides Multiple Benefits

coated bradley fighting vehicle

coated M1A1 Abrams

Coated Bradley Fighting Vehicle (top) and M1A1 Abrams

Advancements in thermal imaging have presented challenges for the concealment of military assets on the modern battlefield. Our coatings significantly reduce infrared detectability of assets, providing our warfighters the tactical advantages of infrared signature management with the benefit of no additional space, weight, or power requirements of the weapon system.
Enterprise Ventures Corporation offers these products to both Government and original equipment manufacturers.


  • No additional capital equipment costs are required over conventional paint applications
  • Little to no additional training required for application personnel
  • Easily utilized on new or legacy weapon systems
  • Formulated as a two component mix and spray (no reduction is required)
  • Affordable capability
  • Environmentally compliant

A Full Range of Customizable, Environmentally-Friendly Solutions

film-based appliques

Film based appliques are used to treat windows and for quick field repair or mission-based signature modifications

We offer a full range of services, from initial coatings formulation to specialized applications and process integration. As an example, our engineers developed a film-based application for a specific effort that required the ability for field modifications to vehicle signatures, and a more simple repair process.

This unique signature management application incorporates all aspects of visual and thermal signature management, while also providing options for treatment of windows and other surfaces where conventional coatings cannot be used.
EVC coatings team

Our experienced team is a trusted partner to the signature management community

Secure Facility

secure facility in Huntsville, AL

Onsite services include precision painting and stenciling (robotic and manual), prototyping and one-off builds, coatings formulation, concept development, manufacturing, and large-format printing (wraps and appliques)

A secure high bay, coatings formulations laboratory, and large spray booth that provide security for large-scale, sensitive projects.

  • Focused attention. Unlike most coatings manufacturers, we comfortably accommodate small quantities in the client’s best interest.
  • Unique signature management application equipment developed by our own engineers.
  • Specialty services that include fabricating, formulating, or transformational modifications on component, system, or full platform-size challenges.
  • Customizable space to accommodate specific client needs.

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