The Deluxe H-60 Bridge Tool Kit includes specially designed tools for the removal and installation of the forward and aft bridge assemblies on H-60 aircraft

H-60 Bridge Tool Deluxe Kit

NSN 5180-01-682-8374

Designed for the removal and installation of H-60 and S-70 aircraft forward and aft bridge assembly components.

With hands-on input from H-60 maintainers, these tools are purpose-built. The tools are made from materials and coatings allowing for zero maintenance-induced damage. Superior to conventional methods, the Bridge Tool Deluxe Kit enables a significant reduction in maintenance labor hours and component damage risk when performing 5-pack transmission main module maintenance.

H-60 Bridge Tool Deluxe Kit, Part Number 11280A01, NSN  5180-01-682-8374, Commercial Price List is available upon request.


Labor Savings

  • The Bridge Tool Deluxe Kit eliminates bridge removal required during RESET. It also reduces depot maintenance in the bridge area, phases/Time Between Overhauls, and unscheduled bridge components maintenance
  • A Navy study found that 75% less labor is required for bridge 5-pack removal per aircraft

Increased Quality and Cost Avoidance

  • The positive alignment of Bridge Tools prevents collateral damage to bridge components (gearbox transmission, bellcranks, rods, etc.)
  • There’s no need for screwdrivers, pry bars, or 2x4s risking damage to components (structural supports, swashplates, bellcrank supports, etc.)
  • There’s no binding against the gearbox dowel pin during removal
  • The use of Bridge Tools results in no gouges to bridges or transmission cases and no gearbox dowel pins pulling out

Bottom Line

Using EVC’s H-60 Bridge Tool Deluxe Kit results in an average savings of 48 to 52 labor hours per event. And there’s no damage to associated components. Plus it increases first-pass quality yield!

A potential return on investment is realized immediately by eliminating a single damage event to the Tie Rod.

The H-60 Bridge Tool Deluxe Kit has the right tools for the right job. It improves maintenance process time and quality and reduces costs.

The tool kit is approved for use by U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC) Aviation Engineering Directorate and is documented in the ESS for ease of implementation.

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