Quick Skive Removal Tools

Quick Skive Removal Tools

Specially-designed tools for removing materials from fragile, scratch-prone surfaces

Quick Skive Removal Tools consist of various hand tools and power tools with ergonomically-designed handles. The tools are specially-engineered, nonmetallic blades, gap blades, and gap bits. Our special design is for removing materials from fragile, scratch-prone surfaces. The blade and bit materials and angles were originally designed for small area removal of stubborn materials and gap fillers from aircraft fuselages and components for on-and off-aircraft repair applications.

Quick Skive Removal Tools have multiple applications for aviation and industry They allow for outstanding results when a “worker-friendly” heat or non-heat skive processes are used. The heat process includes directing a heat gun or other heat source on the targeted surface, then skiving off the heated materials. No heat is required for simpler material (e.g., pro-seal, antenna gasket, etc.) removal.


  • Enables much faster rate of material removal for repairs
  • Allows for simple one-person ergonomic operation
  • Avoids damage to topcoat base primer, substrate, or metal treatment
  • Prevents secondary waste
  • Eliminates dust residue

Remove specialty materials, gap fillers, and sealants from fuselages, access panels, and fuel tanks. Complete without damaging the underlying primer coating or the substrates. Approved for use on U.S. Air Force (USAF) military aircraft.

Clean sealants and fillers without scratching steel, aluminum, fiberglass, composite, glass, and other delicate surfaces.

NOTE: Tools are only to be used by trained professionals with adequate aviation or industrial experience and in accordance with the safety guidelines.

Quick Skive Tool Pricing Table